Take Your Social Video Analytics to The Next Level

In-depth advanced metrics

Don’t let the limitations of standard metrics hold you down! Our unique metrics let you to dive deep into how your audience interacts with your video and our summarized dashboards tell you how your video performed at a glance. We also added Mintrics Meter, an algorithm that scores your video out of 10 taking into account all the important metrics.

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Benchmark your performance

Data is irrelevant without context. Benchmarking your performance against your account’s average tells you when you have outdone yourself or highlights areas for improvement. The industry average shows you when you have a head start on your competition or staggering behind.

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Comprehensive Reports

We believe that reports should tell a story, not just display intelligible numbers. That’s why our monthly reports provide a comprehensive overview of your video performance with detailed metrics and insights. And for a quick snippet of your most recent uploads, we provide our digest reports.

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Personalized Recommendations

Metrics are great, but actionable insights are better. Our A.I. is a video expert in its own right, and will provide you with automated insights according to your top performing metrics and your low performing metrics. The recommendations are actionable and will help your drive better ROI from your video content.

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Cross-Platform Comparison

Make a list of your campaign videos and check the overall performance or compare your video across different social channels. You can then export the data to PDF and forget about the ugly Excel sheets forever.

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