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Unique Video Algorithms

Don’t let the limitations of standard metrics hold you down! Our unique metrics let you dive deep into how your audience interacts with your videos and our summarized dashboards tell you how your video performed at a glance. We also added Mintrics Meter, an algorithm that scores your video out of 10 taking into account all the important metrics.

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Benchmark Across Channels

Data is irrelevant without context. With our private dashboard, you’ll be able to organize & manage all your pages/channels & benchmark your performance against the market & industry. Customize your lists & compare videos across YouTube & Facebook. You can then export the data to PDF.

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Actionable Insights

We believe that reports shouldn’t only represent intelligible numbers, but also tell a story. That’s why we provide a monthly comprehensive overview of your videos performance with all the metrics that matter & personalized recommendations for better distribution.

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Competitor & Market Intelligence

Our competitive leaderboard gives you detailed analytics and insights that let you analyze & observe the market on whole & arrange your competitors in lists to get in-depth insights into their everyday performance.

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Expert AI Estimation

Our A.I is a video expert in its own right and will help you drive better ROI from your video content. Mintrics’ AI system calculates competitor & market insights and creates distribution patterns upon which our estimative analytics are then generated.

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